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Should you sell by owner or hire an agent?

The journey of selling your home is your own and you have to do what’s best for you.  Selling by owner has its unique challenges and rewards. Selling on your own will save commission dollars assuming the home is priced correctly and you’re able to negotiate the right terms.  If you have little to no equity and you have to see, it’s a good idea to try selling by owner first. If you have enough equity, letting a brokerage list your home removes the liability from you and places it elsewhere. After all, this is most likely your largest asset and these are legal transactions. 

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I’m Janice Thomas. I am Realtor in Northern Utah. I’ve lived in Davis County for over 20 years and feel proud to call Utah home. In all transparency, real estate is not my full-time gig. I am also a college professor in the health professions. Some people may see this as a negative and if that’s you, I respect that. I don’t claim to be the perfect choice for everyone. But I’ve proven time and time again that working with a committed “part-time agent” like myself has its advantages. I have a steady, yet flexible job that pays my bills. This means I won’t be as desperate for a sale or push you into something you’re not ready for. I also keep my client load small so that I can be available and responsive to the clients I serve. I am committed to straightforward communication and I believe that honesty and transparency make the journey of selling a home easier and maybe even enjoyable 🙂

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Realtors are everywhere. Chances are you already know a few. Here are the things I’m good at:

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